Automate your trading and simplify complex tasks


Create Your Own Trading Robots: Expert Advisors can automatically open & close trades and employ money management strategies all based on your personal trading method.


Contact: Mr. Leo, Email:
Telegram: @FxFreeTools


Basic package


Check list

– Follow entry rules given by the client

– Fixed lotsize

– Stop loss and Take Profit




Extra features



High impact news filter: If the news filter is turned on, x minutes before and y minutes after news time, the EA will not open any trades or will close the trade on a specific pair.



Hidden SL and TP



Money management: Risk percentage of balance/equity. Automatic stop loss at last swing high/low.



Weekday filter: Allows EA to open new trades in the selected days of the week



Hours filter: Allows EA to open new trades in the selected hours period of the day. It is possible to use 3 different hours filters for a day.



Trailing Stop



Breakeven: Move SL to order open price plus x pips when price moved a predefined value of pips in desired direction.



Close all trades at certain time: if you want to execute certain processing at specific time. Example: use it if you want to close all open orders at 5 PM (17:00 hour in 24-hour clock). Clock is based on MT sever time.



Limit open orders: Limits number of orders you can have open at one time to the fixed maximum number.



Account Stop Loss: Calculates maximum stoplosses of all open orders for the account. You can use it to check your maximum exposure for the account. Example: do not open new orders if your maximum exposure gets too high.



Check Account Profits: Checks current account balance and compares to account balance when advisor started.



Check Account Equity: Checks Equity and compares it to set amount. Mostly used to close all positions when certain equity amount is reached.



Encryption and Selling module: If your EA is good and you want to protect it using the encryption method and then put it for sale, you should choose this option. This module allows you to activate licenses for your clients in the easiest way. First, the client must provide you registration information (i.e. account number or account name or both), then you generate an encrypted password key and send it to the client. Without the password key, the EA cannot work.




  1. I do not provide source codes in mq4.
  2. I don’t code EAs based on Hedge, Grid, Martingale, and Average strategies. Why? Because these strategies are dangerous and will eventually blow your account.
  3. I code only MT4 EAs, not MT5


  1. Send me a detailed description of your strategies including all custom indicators used in that strategy. No need to send MT4 built-in indicators. The description file should be prepared in word/pdf format and must include all entries rules, exit rules, and examples in charts. Please use this strategy description form.
  2. Tell me what features do you wish to have in the EA to determine the final price.
  3. Deposit 50% of the final price to my PayPal account: or send it to my Bitcoin wallet: 3DrKgjdRCD63NvkRJU6gYkKB7P2pJmLfSX
  4. I will work on the EA and send you a testing version first to check if the EA works correctly in the strategy tester.
  5. Pay the rest of the final price to get a Demo version to forward test, send me what needs to be fixed.
  6. Finally, I will deliver the live version with full options.

On average, the whole order-delivery process would take one week.