Where can I order the Simplicity EA?

For payment by card, please click here to check out.

For payment via PayPal, please contact me (@FxFreeTools) on Telegram to ask for payment instructions.


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What is Telegram Group and YouTube Channel?

Active Telegram chatting groups are provided for all clients. Click here to join the Telegram Group.

After purchase, a paid client will be added to an active private VIP Telegram group. In this group, we share the best set files, trading results, and experiences from using the Simplicity EA. People in this VIP group are willing to help each other to get the best trading results with the Simplicity EA.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest updates and live trading results


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Does Simplicity EA fullfill FIFO rules

Definitely YES.

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Where can I find more trading results?

Trading results, announcements for updates, or discount promotion campaigns are updated weekly on my channels:

Please subscribe or join my channels to get the latest updates.

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What does the package include?

Package includes:

  1. Installation file (Simplicity EA latest version, Simplicity Indicators, Scripts)
  2. Best set files
  3. Detail user manual.

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What are the payment methods?

At the moment I accept only two payment methods:

  1. Bitcoin (recommended)
  2. PayPal

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Do I have to pay for updates?

No, you don’t need to pay any other fees! All updates are free to all customers who have previously paid for the Simplicity EA.
Even if the update is sold at a price higher than the price of the version you previously purchased, there is no additional cost difference.

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Will I get help installing and setting up the EA?

If you are unable to install and set up the EA or you encounter technical problems when using the Simplicity EA, I will support you remotely. In some cases, I will remotely connect via Teamviewer to your computer or VPS to fix technical problems for you.

All my help for you is completely free, even when it takes me hours to solve the problem for you.

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Is it necessary to load all the indicators on the chart?

You can load them up, but it’s optional. The EA works without loading all the Simplicity indicators or template onto each chart. Loading too many indicators and opening multiple pairs at one time can slow down your PC or VPS performance. Therefore, I recommend letting the EA run only on naked charts (without indicators).

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For how long will the trades be open?

Depending on the timeframe you choose to trade, a trade can be closed for the day or hold for a few days.

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What is the expected drawdown and ROI?

This is a question everyone wants to ask before starting to use an EA. The Simplicity EA is designed to trade the market in the safest and most efficient way possible. The EA uses a good trading strategy, it doesn’t use any risky trading strategies like Gridding, Martingale, Average, Hedging, etc. When the EA scans a valid YYB setup, it will check the economic news calendar. If all conditions are met, it opens a single trade with proper SL and TP.

With the use of advanced money management features available in the EA, and with a good trading winning rate (55% – 80%), your trading account risk is at the lowest level, just like it is managed by a professional trader.

When you manage your money well and trade consistently with the EA, you will achieve the expected return of investment (ROI).

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What is the best broker to run the Simplicity EA?

The Simplicity EA works fine on all brokers.
I have the best experiences with ICMarkets and Tickmill. They are among the brokers suitable for automated trading.

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Can I run the Simplicity EA with other trading systems (EA) on the same MT4 account?

Counter-question! Do you put gasoline and diesel in the same car? The Simplicity EA needs an own MT4 station.

When you run the EA, you CAN close manually the trades opened by the EA.

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Is the EA required to have a VPS?

Yes, it is. It makes so much sense to have the EA running on a VPS. You get a high-performance infrastructure with a stable internet connection.

You do not know what VPS services provider suits this EA? Check my VPS service, which is quality, cheapest on the market, and located in the U.S. Select your plan from $5 per month here.

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The EA trades with TP and SL?

Of course! The EA automatically sets TP and SL for every single trade. SL is calculated using the ATR value on each pair or is set just above/below the last swing high/low.

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What are the best pairs and timeframes for the Simplicity EA?

The Simplicity EA can run on all pairs including currency pairs, gold, indices, etc.
The most suitable timeframe and pairs will be made available to you once you own an EA license.

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What is the required account size and the recommended lot size?

The Simplicity EA allows trading on accounts with a small balance from $ 100.

The lot size depends on account size. The EA can calculate the lot size by itself according to the percentage of risk of the account balance/equity/free margin.

It is recommended to risk not more than 3% of the account balance for each trade.

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How many trading accounts can I sign up for using the Simplicity EA?

After a one-time payment, you will receive a lifetime license for the current version of the Simplicity EA. All updated versions will be provided for free. I guarantee there won’t be any extra fees.
You can register an unlimited number of MT4 trading accounts (demo and live). For each account, you will receive a license activation password.

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What are the features of this Simplicity EA and what is news in this news updated version?

The Simplicity EA comes with TOP features, such as:

  • Money management: Auto lot size calculation (risk percent), Auto Stoploss and Take profit, Fixed lot size, ATR Stoploss or Stoploss at last swing high/low, etc.
  • High impact economic news filter.
  • Auto exit trades on trend reversal
  • Auto Trailing Stop
  • Auto Breakeven
  • Hidden stop loss and take profit
  • Weekday filter
  • Hours filter
  • Alert and notification.
  • Magic number and order comment are changeable.
  • Please watch this introduction video to get more information.

Updated version (from V3.1):

  • Average Daily Range (ADR) filter
  • Trend confirmation using Currency Strength Meter (CSM)
  • Trend confirmation on higher timeframe
  • Enable to close part of a trade (Partial exit)
  • Up to 5 different auto exit strategies


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What is YWY or YYB strategy?

The YWY/YYB strategies are very powerful manual trading systems that use 6 criteria for signal confirmation. The YWY and YYB strategies are also known as a more advanced version of the Agimat strategy. A detailed explanation of those strategies can be found here.

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What is Simplicity EA?

A fully automated version of YWY or YYB manual trading strategies.

The Simplicity EA is an MT4 expert advisor that can be used in two trading modes: Full automatic and semi-automatic.
In fully automatic mode: The EA automatically scans the YWY or YYB setups on the selected charts, then the EA automatically calculates lotsize and automatically sets the stop-loss and take profit level.
In semi-automatic mode: The EA automatically scans the YWY or YYB setups on the selected charts, then the EA produces pop up window on the terminal.

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